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This page explains how we approach your privacy and how we expect you to interact with this Website.

We do our best to ensure that the information presented on this Website is accurate. However, most of the information comes from third-party sources, which we do not control. For this reason, we take no responsibility for the inaccuracies that may occur. For example:

  • Deal providers change their minds and change their deals
  • Deal providers might have inaccurate information or faulty code, that causes our site to display incorrectly or inaccurately
  • Products offered may not be the same as the products received when ordered
  • Products sell out and become unavailable.

All issues with products and services, product and service information, purchasing, delivery or any other matter relating to the commercial transaction you may undertake with any dealers represented on this Website must be taken up directly with them. dealdump has no direct commercial obligations or business arrangements with any of the deal providers in relation to the provision of their goods and services, other than to publish the information provided to us by them and in some cases to receive a small percentage of a sale as commission for providing a hyperlink to their deal.

While dealdump links to other Websites, we have no control over those sites. Please take care to understand what you are clicking on and consider carefully what information you share on any other Website.

We are constantly seeking ways to improve this Website. One way to do this, is to gather general usage information (site statistics). This information is used to help us make the site more user-friendly or appealing, or to change aspects of the site, if they are proving to be unpopular. The statistics system we use is called Google Analytics. To find out more about this system, and the kind of information it collects, please visit the Google Analytics Website.

We will never share any of your details with any third party, unless required to do so by law or unless you have given us explicit consent to do so.

We expect you to behave on this Website as you would behave on a friend's Website. Please treat us how you would like to be treated yourself. In other words, please do not steal our stuff, attack our site, hurt other users or act in any way that may be deemed malevolent.

We welcome your suggestions about our Website and any feedback about the above terms and privacy statement. Please contact us with any comments or questions.

Thank you for reading our terms and privacy.

The dealdump team